The Ultimate Sexual Harassment Allegations List

The Ultimate Sexual Harassment Allegations List

Why a Sexual Harassment Allegations List?

The Ultimate Sexual Harassment Allegations List is an ongoing project. And so, sadly, we may never finish it. The list is here because, when we put together our show on this very topic (Episode #13), we couldn’t find such a list. We are not putting this together to blame and shame victims. And it is not our desire to serve as judge, jury, and executioner to the alleged perpetrators or to attack all men. Women tend to not be perpetrators due to the power imbalance. However, we include without reservation any women deserving of the title of sexual harasser. Rather, the list is here for reference purposes. We will try to keep it current and complete. But, as you might imagine, it’s hard to put a bow on something like this and truly call it ‘finished’.

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A few ground rules

Rules for Section 1 of the Sexual Harassment Allegations List

Ultimate Sexual Harassment Allegations List | Semantic Shenanigans

With all of that out of the way, we are putting together this definitive list of sexual harassment allegations in as organized a format as possible. The first section is for what seem to be credible allegations with some form of proof or possible proof. We decided our standard of proof would include:

  • Outright confessions
  • Admissions
  • DNA proof (either from rape kits or paternity tests)
  • Eyewitness accounts
  • Corroboration from a total of at least two accusers
  • Results from responsible professional journalism

We do not intend to include unsubstantiated rumor in this section.


Furthermore, we consider children under the age of 18 as being incapable of consent by definition. Never mind if anyone was duped or drugged or fooled into believing someone was of age. Those are children, full stop. Naturally, consent laws differ among countries but rather than get into the minutiae, we are using age 18 as our hard stopping point.


There are varying degrees of sexual harassment, everything from catcalling and name-calling, to someone exposing themselves, to outright rape. Where we can, we will provide detail or a link where there’s detail. In addition, we realize these differences make any list such as this one problematic. In an effort to be inclusive, some less egregious incidents sit side by side with incidents that are downright felonies. So we want to be clear: we are not attempting to cheapen anyone’s experience. Rather, the idea is try to be comprehensive. Nothing more.

Note: we added domestic abuse for the same reason we added everything else: to show just how people can be harmed by others in power, particularly others whom they should be trusting.

Rules for Section 2 of the Sexual Harassment Allegations List

The second section of the Sexual Harassment Allegations List is for what seem to be consensual situations. However, we call them possibly consensual because there is an inherent degree of coercion when there is a significant power disparity between the people involved. The King of England and a peasant girl, for example, are hardly in equal positions when it comes to power, and so no matter how consensual or loving their behavior is, it does give one pause.

Rules for Section 3 of the Sexual Harassment Allegations List

The third section of the Sexual Harassment Allegations List is for unsubstantiated rumors. Of course anyone can spread a rumor. And we aren’t here to gossip or judge the accuracy of a rumor or the possibility it might be correct or at least partially correct. Rather, we are looking to address such rumors but intend to classify them as such unless proof comes across that we accept in the first or section sections. And then we’ll move the record accordingly.


Finally, a word about fame. Your next-door neighbor might be harassing your neighbor on the other side of your home, but we won’t add them unless the perpetrator or the subject are reasonably well-known in any of these areas:

  • The Arts
  • Business
  • Journalism
  • Politics
  • Sports

Otherwise, this list would be longer than anyone’s arm (so we’re deliberately leaving out religion and also the educational realm, for example). And now let’s get to it. Everything is in alphabetical order by the alleged perps’ last names. Wherever we could find decent proof, we have a link to that.

We warn you right now: The Ultimate Sexual Harassment Allegations List is unrelenting and, frankly, depressing as all get out.

Section 1 (Ultimate Sexual Harassment Allegations List)

Let’s start with the bad stuff.

Last names A – G (Ultimate Sexual Harassment Allegations List)

Ben Affleck

He is accused of groping. See also:

Casey Affleck

He has been hit with multiple lawsuits by female crew members from his film, I’m Still Here. He is accused of lewd comments and more. See:

Roger Ailes

He is reported to have sexually harassed female employees at Fox News. See also:

Woody Allen

Allen’s issues with Dylan Farrow could have potentially, at least in part, been a part of his rather public and messy breakup with Mia Farrow. However, the victim was such a young child that the allegations are truly appalling. See:

Johnny Anderson

He is the Deputy Chief of Staff for Programs for Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards (Democrat) and is accused of sexual harassment. See also:

Fatty Arbuckle

Fatty Arbuckle Mugshot Semantic Shenanigans Ultimate Sexual Harassment Allegations List

Mugshot for Fatty Arbuckle

In one of the first (if not the first) big Hollywood scandals, Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle was accused of murdering Virginia Rappe while at a Hollywood party. Witness accounts indicate there may have been a rape as well but he doesn’t seem to have been charged with that felony. See:

Mario Batali

The celebrity chef has accusations of sexual misconduct against him. See also:

Hadrian Belove and Shadie Elnashai

These Cinefamily executives lost their movie theater in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct. See also:

John Besh

25 women have accused this celebrity chef of harassment. See:

Stephen Bittell

The Florida Democratic Party Chairman has accusations of groping and usually sexually inappropriate comments.See also:

Stephen Blackwell

He is a former Billboard magazine executive with one sexual harassment claim against him. See:

George H. W. Bush

The former president has patted several women below the waist while posing for pictures. See also:

Nick Carter

Pop singer Melissa Schuman is accusing him of raping her several years ago. See also:

Giuseppe Castellano

The Penguin Random House Art Director has an accusation of sexual harassment. See also:

Louis CK

This comedian admits to exposing himself to various women including fellow comedians. See also:

Jeff Clemens

The Florida Democratic State Senator reportedly had an extramarital affair with a lobbyist. See:

Chuck Close

Several women say the artist made inappropriate comments about their bodies when he had them pose nude. See also:

John Conyers

This Democrat US Representative from Michigan has a sexual harassment allegation against him. See also:

Tony Cornish

This Minnesota Republican State Representative is accused of unwanted sexual advances.See:

Bill Cosby

At first, the public was appalled and in disbelief. But the general public has gone through all of the stages of grief and then some when it comes to Cosby, who was beloved in the 80s. See also:

Richard Dreyfuss

Writer Jessica Teich says he sexually assaulted her. See:

Heath Evans

The NFL analyst has a sexual assault case against him. See also:

Michael Fallon

The British Defense Secretary has accusations of inappropriate advances against him. See also:

Blake Farenthold

The Texas Republican Congressman has sexual harassment accusations against him; the House Ethics Committee is investigating. See also:

Marshall Faulk

The NFL analyst has a sexual assault case against him. See also:

Adam Fields

This film producer offered a woman a promotion in exchange for sex. See:

Hamilton Fish

He resigned as the publisher of the New Republic amid sexual harassment allegations. See also:

Al Franken

The allegations against the US Senator (D-Minn), and his reactions thereto, are a bit unique so far. When the first one came to light, he called for a formal Senate Ethics Inquiry. But now more women have come forward and he was forced to resign. See:

Trent Franks

There’s nothing that says professionalism more than, apparently, asking your female staffers to have your kid. Would that I were making this one up but, sadly, I am not. The Arizona Republican also tried to convince at least one female staffer she was in love with him through the time-honored tradition of an article about how to tell when you’re in love. See:

Alex Gilady

He is a member of the International Olympic Committee and has two rape allegations against him. See also:

Gary Goddard

This TV producer was called out by actor Anthony Edwards, who says he was sexually abused by Goddard while underage. See:

Last names H – N (Ultimate Sexual Harassment Allegations List)

Paul Haggis

We open 2018 with four women accusing the Oscar-winner for sexual misconduct. See also:

Mark Halperin

This journalist for NBC News is accused of sexual harassment by a dozen women from when he was with ABC News. See also:

Bryon Hefner

Less well-known than many of the others, Hefner (no relation to Hugh that we know of) is accused of groping, etc. Complicating matters is the fact that he is married to the Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg; it’s unknown at this time whether victims felt they couldn’t come forward because of Rosenberg’s obvious power. See: and

In late March 2018, the indictments happened. See also:

Andy Henry

He urged women to take off their clothes during acting coaching sessions for CSI. See:

Dustin Hoffman

He has one sexual harassment claim against him. See also:

Jeff Hoover

The Speaker of the Kentucky House (Republican) stepped down after it came out that he had settled a sexual harassment claim against him. See:

Johnny Iuzzini

The Top Chef star is accused of sexual harassment also. See:

Michael Jackson

Jackson (and, later, his estate) have been sued for underage sexual abuse. See:

Ron Jeremy

The former porn star has numerous sexual assault claims against him. See also:

Danny Jordaan

He is the former South Africa Soccer Association President; he has a rape accusation against him. See:

Garrison Keillor

He’s been fired from Minnesota Public Radio amid allegations of “improper behavior”. See also:

R. Kelly

He’s got a sex tape with an underage girl. And 21 counts of child pornography against him – which were later dropped. See also:

Genghis Khan

It may seem strange to include him on this list, but sexual misconduct is far from being new. The man is considered to have fathered hundreds of children and was a powerful warrior chieftain. While there is no direct proof per se, it’s hard to conceive of every single one of those encounters as being consensual. See:

Robert Knepper

He is a star of Prison Break and has a sexual assault claim against him. See also:

Hon. Alex Kozinski

Yes, he’s a federal judge. Er, was. He hit the retirement trail after fifteen women’s accusations of sexual misconduct, including groping and inappropriate remarks. See also:

Andrew Kreisberg

There are numerous sexual harassment complaints against this Warner Brothers executive producer.  See:

Knight Landesman

He is the Artforum publisher and has multiple sexual harassment complaints against him. This includes one lawsuit. See also:

John Lasseter

The Pixar head is accused of groping. See also:

Jack Latvala

He is a Florida Republican State Senator with an accusation of groping. See also:

Matt Lauer

The Lauer situation includes reports of him exposing himself plus a bag of sex toys in his office. Most troubling is a tape with him watching a female reporter get her mic on, encouraging her to stay that way as it was a “nice view”. See:

Martin Lawrence

Former TV star Lawrence’s former costar Tisha Campbell-Martin filed suit against him, saying he sexually abused and harassed her. See also:

Ivan Lewis

He is a UK Labour Party member suspended upon an allegation of sexual misconduct. See also:

Danny Masterson

The That 70s Show star has four rape accusations against him. See:

Benny Medina

This producer is accused of attempting to rape a young male actor. See also:

Murray Miller

The writer and producer of the HBO show, Girls, has a rape accusation against him. See:

Warren Moon

The former NFL star is on the receiving end of a sexual harassment case. See:

Roy Moore

The Republican US Senator candidate (Alabama) is accused of sexually assaulting two teenaged girls.See also:

Larry Nassar

This slightly different situation (perhaps less known than others) concerns the former osteopathologist for the US Women’s Olympic Gymnastics Team. Gold medalist Aly Raisman says he sexually assaulted her. See:

Last names O – S (Ultimate Sexual Harassment Allegations List)

Bill O’Reilly

Fox News’s former employee and show host paid off women so they wouldn’t take him to court for unwanted sexual advances. See also:

Michael Oreskes

The NPR News Chief is accused of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior by at least four women from his tenures at the New York Times, the Associated Press, and NPR. See:

Jeremy Piven

The actor is accused of sexual assault by three women. See also:

Roman Polanski

France initially welcomed the famous expatriate with open arms. But these days, the millennial generation isn’t so comfortable with him. See:

Rob Porter

Former Trump aide Porter has two ex-wives who say he sexually abused them. See also: and

Roy Price

He is a former Amazon executive who resigned after one woman accused him of sexual harassment. See also:

Andrea Ramsey

The first woman on our list has accusations of sexual harassment against her. The Kansas Democrat will drop out of her race for a US House seat. See also:

Brett Ratner

He is a film producer with accusations of multiple instances of sexual harassment against actresses such as Olivia Munn. See:

Terry Richardson

He is a fashion photographer with accusations of pressuring female models into having sex with him. See also:

Geraldo Rivera

During a 1991 interview with Barbara Walters, Bette Midler came forward and said Rivera had groped her. See:

Charlie Rose

The television interviewer (CBS and PBS) has accusations against him of making unwanted sexual advances. See also:

Gilbert Rozon

This comedy festival organizer has  accusations of sexual assault and/or harassment from several women. See:

Geoffrey Rush

Rush has a groping accusation against him. See:

Chris Savino

This producer at Nickelodeon lost his job in the wake of sexual harassment charges from a dozen women. See also:

Carl Sargeant

He was a UK Labour Party legislator who reportedly took his own life amid allegations of harassment. See:

Daniel Schoen

This Minnesota Democratic State Representative has groping and sexting allegations against him. See also:

Marc Schwann

He’s the creator of One Tree Hill and has a sexual harassment claim against him. See:

Steven Seagal

Several actresses have come forward with stories of Seagal exposing himself to them or telling them to strip to get parts in his films, including Jenny McCarthy and Eva LaRue. See also:

Ralph Shortey

This former Oklahoma State Senator (Republican) was caught in a motel room with an underage boy. Complicating matters: his anti-gay rhetoric and positions (yes, I intended that pun). Also, he wore a sexist tee shirt where a biblical quote had an enhancement of those fine words every woman loves to hear: make me a sandwich. Because God I wish I was making these up in the Ultimate Sexual Harassment Allegations List. See also:

Russell Simmons

The rap impresario has a sexual assault claim against him. See also:

Bryan Singer

This is not the director’s first time being the subject of a sexual assault case. The plaintiff alleges Singer raped him during a yacht party. And the victim was 17 at the time. See also:

Tom Sizemore

Sizemore is best known for Blackhawk Down and Saving Private Ryan. An 11 year old actress says he groped her. See also:

Tavis Smiley

The PBS late-night talk show host is under investigation for sexual misconduct. See also:

David Sorensen

The ex-White House speechwriter left after his ex-wife said he abused her during their two-year marriage, including running over her foot with a car and putting out a lit cigarette in her hand. At the same, Sorensen accuses his ex-wife (Jessica Corbett) of abuse against him. So far, nothing overtly sexual is in the news stories, but that may simply be a matter of time. It’s hard to say. See also:

Kevin Spacey

It started with actor Anthony Rapp calling out Spacey on Buzzfeed:

Rapp has received a great deal of flak. Yet he has been calling out his detractors on Twitter. A lot of them don’t seem to get that children in Hollywood need to schmooze and network just like adults. And this is why he was at the Spacey party in the first place at such a young age. Here are some examples of what Rapp has been dealing with:

But he’s got the right idea and is calling out the victim shamers:

Sylvester Stallone

The Rocky and Rambo star has a forcible sex allegation against him. See also:

Lockhart Steele

He has accusations of sexual misconduct and was fired by Vox Media. See also:

Last names T – Z (Ultimate Sexual Harassment Allegations List)

Jeffrey Tambor

The star of Transparent has sexual harassment charges against him. See also:

Ike Taylor

The NFL analyst has a sexual assault case against him. See also:

Justice Clarence Thomas

The United States Supreme Court justice’s confirmations brought the issue to the fore – in 1991. Anita Hill’s testimony covered inappropriate remarks, among other things. See also:

Glenn Thrush

He is a New York Times White House reporter has accusations against him of making unwanted, drunken advances. See also:

James Toback

The writer-director has numerous sexual harassment complaints from women. As of this writing, Beverly Hills police are investigating. See also:

Donald Trump

Of course the issues with the current American president are of concern. The most damning is an Access Hollywood recording, but the Washington Post has more:

Mike Tyson

The former heavyweight champ did time for the rape of Rhode Island beauty queen Desiree Washington. See also:

Kirt Webster

He is the CEO of Webster Public Relations and also has one accusation of sexual assault. See:

Anthony Weiner

This former New York Democratic Congressman is currently doing time for sexting and X-rated communications with an underage girl. See also:

Matthew Weiner

He is the creator of Mad Men and has one sexual harassment claim against him. See also:

Jann Wenner

The Rolling Stone publisher has a sexual harassment accusation from one man. See also:

Harvey Weinstein

Weinstein practically deserves his own wing in this hall of fame of sexual misconduct. There is a full gallery on and it speaks for itself:

Ed Westwick

The Gossip Girl actor has a sexual assault allegation against him. See also:

Leon Wieseltier

The New Republic editor was removed from The Atlantic masthead amid numerous allegations of sexual harassment. See:

Steve Wynn

The casino owner and former CEO of Wynn Resorts has sexual abuse charges against him. See also:

Matt Zimmerman

This NBC news booker lost his job amid allegations of inappropriate conduct from multiple women. See also:

Section 2 – Possibly Consensual (Ultimate Sexual Harassment Allegations List)

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

Clinton has other issues including, of course, a rape allegation by Juanita Broaddrick. See: However, the Lewinsky connection is somewhat different in that she referred to him as her ‘relationship’. He was also her boss, and she was but an intern in her twenties. See also:

Dwight Eisenhower and Kay Summersby

Ike’s letters only hint at a relationship between him and his WWII jeep driver. See also:

Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings

They had five children together, and he may have truly cared for her. At the same time, he owned her, so her consent is automatically suspect. See also:

Warren Harding and Nan Britton

He fathered her illegitimate daughter in 1919. They had a long-term relationship, but again, the US presidency holds a power imbalance by definition. See also:

Bobby Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe

The FBI apparently warned Kennedy of a book coming out about the affair. See also:

Jack Kennedy and Judith Campbell Exner

President Kennedy also connects to Marilyn Monroe. However the real problem is Exner. She was, at the same time, mistress to crime boss Sam Giancana. The Kennedy side of things never seems to have confirmed a connection between Exner and Kennedy. See also: 

Wilbur Mills and Fanne Fox (Annabel Battistella, the Argentine Firecracker)

The Arkansas Democratic Congressman’s career came to end when he and Battistella were found together after a car accident. Their affair was supposedly consensual although she was a stripper (it’s unknown whether she ever turned tricks). See also:

John Profumo and Christine Keeler

The British Conservative Secretary of State for War resigned. He brought the UK government down with him when he – a married man – had an affair with Keeler, a showgirl. It was the 60s, and another complication was that, at the same time, she was in a relationship with Russian military attaché Yevgeny Ivanov. See also:

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lucy Mercer Rutherford

Originally the social secretary for Eleanor Roosevelt, Rutherford and FDR carried on. And the proof is in their correspondence. See also:

George Takei and Scott Brunton

Brunton is a former male model and claims Takei groped him and may have drugged him. However, we are putting this one in this section. This is because the climate for gay men at the time made it difficult to meet openly. So was there consent? We don’t know. We do know, however, that this one does not meet our standards of proof at this time. See also:

Section 3 – Unsubstantiated Rumor (So Far) (Ultimate Sexual Harassment Allegations List)

Nobody Yet!

While there will probably be someone in this section erelong, we intend to keep this section small. Hence we’ll try to at least get some form of reference for allegations. Our sexual harassment allegations list is flexible!

How does the Ultimate Sexual Harassment Allegations List relate to fandom?

So it’s not just from the clear connections to actors and others in the entertainment and sports industries. Because the connection is also one of how we often, as fans, idolize people. And they might not deserve our adulation quite so much. Also, just as we try to separate good art (Oscars for Allen, Haggis, and Spacey, for example) and sporting successes (Tyson’s titles) and legislative successes from the person, so should we separate these behaviors from these persons’ achievements.

Their achievements do not excuse them. Our sexual harassment allegations list only serves to remind us of one thing. All people are complex. And no one wears a completely black hat.

Note: if anything is somehow incomplete or incorrect, please tell us!

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