Semantic Shenanigans Episode 7 – Julia the Documentary Slayer

Julia the Documentary Slayer

Documentary Slayer? No worries; all will be revealed.

Semantic Shenanigans Episode 7 – Julia the Documentary Slayer

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Shanna will present her Pussy Riot paper at BGSU’s Ray  Browne conference this coming Sunday and anxiously awaits Bailey’s Irish Creme cookies from The Cookie Jar.  Also started a rewatch of Buffy due to the 20th anniversary.


Janet battles Snowpocalypse! Plus The Real Hub of the Universe remains in beta hell as she outlines the sequel. So this goes on between a ton of professional (for money) blogging. Which is on thrill a minute topics such as aboveground swimming pools and fuel injector systems.

Special Guest Julia Largent discusses her dissertation research on documentary fandom.

Julia is a Ph.D candidate in the School of Media and Communication at Bowling Green State University. She joins us to discuss what documentary fans do. This is compared to the media fans who usually come to mind when we think about “fans.” In addition, her research involves the documentaries Audrie and Daisy, Frontline’s The Choice, and Serial. Julia also talks about the relationship between documentary fandom and real-person fanfic. Furthermore, she shares her discovery of the existence of Grey Gardens fanfic.

Happy 20th Birthday, Buffy!

So it’s hard to believe, but on Buffy the Vampire Slayer first aired on Friday, March 10. In 1997. We discussed (among other things) the sad irony that Buffy and Angel are leaving Netflix on April 1. This is just when we’d imagine all the binge watching would begin. We also talked about the timeless appeal of Buffy. Because that comes from the show’s signature quips and puns to why academics love the show so much. Also, on a more serious note, we unpack one of Buffy’s most controversial scenes as covered in an interview with James Marsters (Spike).

IP Owners and their Feelings about Fan Fiction

Given the conversation surrounding the many of the legal cases on our radar, one thing is certain. Copyright owners vary in how they feel about fanfic and fan film. Also, sometimes they change their mind over time. Here are some of the highlights: 

George RR Martin

So with the popularity of Game of Thrones, we also cover George RR Martin’s stance on fanfiction as well as a response to that position. Furthermore, you can also find out more about GRRM’s position here.

A Few Weirdnesses!

So just when you think it can’t get any weirder, we delve deeper into political fanfiction. So this includes stories about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and others. In addition, there’s a presidential fanfic with a 50 Shades twist. We want to say you can’t make this stuff up – but somebody obviously did.

Legal News and Extras

So keep an eye out for blog posts about Seuss v. Gerrald and other legal issues as they come up. Also tune in to our YouTube channel for some “extras” – our first one is Crowdfunding Follies – Caveat Donator. Furthermore, more extras will follow soon!

Our Next Show

So in May our special guest will be Ph.D Candidate Gabriel Cruz from Bowling Green State University. Gabe will join us to talk about race and representation in comic books and the superhero fandom.

Show Note URLs

Finally, please check out these links to everything else we talked about!


Julia Largent and Documentary Fandom

Information about the documentaries Julia the Documentary Slayer discussed:

Fan fiction links:

Happy 20th Birthday, Buffy!

IP Owners and their Feelings about Fanfic

George RR Martin

A Few Weirdnesses!

Legal News and Extras

Thank you!

Julia Largent

Thanks for being a great guest, oh Documentary Slayer!

Our listeners!

We have fun doing this show, and you’re what makes it great!

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Also, thank you SO much, Cerys and Kailani!

Mike & Announcer Girl Katie

So Mike is a published author, too! Please check out his work. Because it’s just wonderful.

Finally, what do YOU think about documentaries? Does Buffy slay you? Leave your thoughts in the comments section or  send us a note if you like!

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