Fandom Glossary T – Z

Fandom Glossary T – Z

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This glossary is not intended to be a substitute for a good dictionary. It is being provided solely to assist you in reading some of our blog posts and in listening to our shows.



ThunderCats is a Japanese-American cartoon series animated by Pacific American. Warner Brothers owns this property.

Tracy, Dick

Chester Gould created these adventures of the plainclothes policeman with an incredible array of gadgets. Furthermore, it began as a comic strip in 1931 in the Detroit Mirror.


Either term is used to describe the fans of the Star Trek property. However, Trekkies is the more common of the two.



This anthropomorphic canine superhero cartoon is generally played for laughs. DreamWorks Animation currently owns the property.



Maybe the best-known fictional sentient alien species, the Vulcans of Star Trek have pointed ears and green copper-based blood. The species embraces logic and disdains emotions. The best-known exemplar of this species is the half-human, Spock.



Wolverine is a part of the Marvel Cinematic universe.

Wonder Woman

Perhaps the best-known of all female superheroes, Wonder Woman is a mainstay of the DC Comics universe.



The X-Men are a part of the Marvel Cinematic universe.

Xena, Warrior Princess

Xena is a fantasy television show, and has been praised for its strong female characters (Xena as well as her sidekick, Gabrielle) as well as being a positive lesbian role model. Even without a relationship between the two principal characters, the show routinely passes the Bechdel Test. Universal Pictures appears to currently own the property.


Yellow Lantern

This bizarro alternate universe version of the Green Lantern is a little-known villain within the DC Comics universe.



Zorro (Spanish for fox) is the alter-ego for outlaw Don Diego de la Vega. However, Zorro is almost a Robin Hood-style character. He defends commoners from evil landowners and other (often wealthy) villains.

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