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We exist as a part of a larger production company, BLB, also called Busy Little Beaver Productions.


Semantic Shenanigans is proud to be part of a much greater whole. So come and meet our sister podcasts and audio dramas!

The G & T Show

Of course we start with the biggest. Also, did you know that we are a spin off from this great Star Trek podcast? The G & T Show reports on the latest in the Star Trek fandom, all while also interviewing tie-in authors, related gaming companies, cosplayers and convention goers, and more. In addition, the show has been on the air since the summer of 2011.

Furthermore, it can boast over 250 podcasts as of the writing of this blog post, and another 75 supplemental logs. The supplemental logs most often consist of interviews. Plus there are years’ worth of convention coverage and the 24 Hours of G & T fundraiser shows. With an astonishing over 700 pieces of written content alone, and another 400+ short and long form videos, the G & T Show offers hours upon hours of entertainment, information, and just plain fun. No wonder G & T is the flagship show for BLB.

The Gettysburg’s Address

So next up we have The Gettysburg’s Address. Nick, also known as Gettysburg7, brings his unique blend of smarts and humor to an eclectic mix of guests. Nick supplies a spirited look and discussion with a variety of writers, directors, actors, musicians, and political thinkers to discuss issues and ideas in the current pop culture and societal zeitgeist. With sensibilities forged travelling the world and experiencing the breadth and width of numerous cultures, Nick’s knowledge and questions about literature, film, and political thought will be on display with each and every new episode of The Gettysburg’s Address Podcast.

Live Love Play

Then Live Love Play (LLP) offers a rather different experience for listeners. It works as a multimedia content creation hub catering to a broad spectrum of geeky interests.

Live: Live your life to the fullest because you only get one. Love: Celebrate the things you love and don’t let haters bring you down. Play: Never stop playing because play keeps us young at heart.

Under Live, the content is based on living, lifestyle and adventure. This includes The Live Blog, a periodic blog about experiences, adventures, and most importantly food.

Under Love, the content is based on what we love, Fandom, Books, Music, Movies, TV, and much more. This will includes podcasts like Super Geeks.

Finally, under Play, the content is based on gaming, recorded gameplay and commentary, livestreaming on Twitch, as well as some table top.

The O Sports Show

Furthermore, covering more athletic pursuits under the BLB banner, The O Sports Show prides itself on delivering the world’s best sports news to all listeners. The hosts welcome many different opinions on different topics happening in the sports world. So they can guarantee that listeners receive the full spectrum of discussions on the show. They represent a new age of sports analyzing which means their outlook on sports is fresh, modern, and always anxious to learn more. Everyone involved in the show is proud to finally deliver sports news to all listeners, all while entertaining their fans.

Straight Outta Gallifrey

Straight Outta Gallifrey offers yet another departure in programming. It is a podcast dedicated to much more than just the Doctor Who fandom but definitely steeped in it. Straight Outta Gallifrey covers a vast array of topics from episode reviews to fan interviews and even the philosophical and scientific perspectives taken by the show itself. And, if the hosts have a little fun along the way, all the better. Jump aboard the T.A.R.D.I.S. There’s plenty of room.

Gates of Sto’vo’kor

In addition, Gates of Sto’vo’kor provides an archive of their audio drama. Gates imagines an alternate scenario, where the Klingon Empire is at war with the Federation. Warriors from all over the Empire and its conscripted Allies have joined the fight. So the Warriors of Sto’vo’kor pledged to serve and to gain honor and glory for the Empire.

Blood of the Nei’rrh

Blood of the Nei’rrh (BoN) follows the story of the Warbird Nei’rrh and her crew as they struggle for survival in an uncertain galaxy. The Loss of Romulus (ch”Rhihan) and Remus (ch’Havran) has devastated the Romulan Star Empire. Even after a generation, recovery is slow and ponderous.

New Powers have risen that seek to dominate all Romulans and bring them back under its dark wings. Those that oppose oppression struggle for independence, desperate to shed the lies and deceit of the past. The Nei’rrh and her crew stand between these powers-a ship and crew caught in a storm of change. Though the way is dangerous, they will forge a path to survival and stability for Romulan, Reman, and any who thirst for freedom. Stay tuned to BLB to find out the latest about these fearless Romulans.

Star Trek: Starfinder

Star Trek: Starfinder is an audio drama created by George Silsby. It takes place adjacent to the Star Trek Online Universe. It follows the adventures of the U.S.S. Starfinder and its intrepid crew on their maiden voyage into an previously isolated, and newly accessible region of space known as the Outback.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned, as BLB is always looking for the next great podcast or audio drama!

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