Episode 10 – We Lost September!!

We Lost September!!

September was somehow lost as we got caught up from the summer and talked about a couple of fandom kerfuffles.
Semantic Shenanigans Episode 10 - We Lost September!!

So our show is ready to download here.

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First of all, Shanna has just started her third year of her Ph.D program at Bowling Green State University and is hard at work studying for her preliminary exams to take her dissertation. Also, she spent ten days in England this summer with Documentary Slayer Julia Largent . While there, they met up with friends Shanna knows through fandom, attended the Fan Studies Network conference – and did we mention the home invasion???

Additionally, Shanna helped out this past weekend at 88.1 WBGU-FM’s semester kickoff event, and she has a great story about the live band who appeared, Pleased 2 Meet U.


Plus Janet’s been busy, busy, BUSY!! She just took a new job blogging and writing articles in the business credit field, and it sounds like things are keeping her hopping. And speaking of writing, Janet will be signing books and appearing on a panel at LadiesCon 2017, so be sure to check that out if you can.

Guess WHO – Jodie Whittaker

While most true (T.A.R.D.I.S) blue Doctor Who fans were excited about the announcement that the thirteenth Doctor will be a woman, the announcement has been met with the sexist push-back that we’ve sadly come to expect with such news. Even crazier, some of the loudest complainers have been women. Janet and Shanna discuss the role internalized misogyny plays in such reactions, and the insanity that Jodie Whittaker felt compelled to defend herself for being a woman. You can learn more about internalized misogyny here. Finally, we talked about the BBC’s response to the complaints.

Meanwhile, in the comments on the Doctor Who announcement… pic.twitter.com/TMaPh3uOyy

Linkin Park Frontman Chester Bennington Dead at 41

In a pattern that’s become all too familiar lately to fans of a certain age, Chester Bennington was found dead in July as the result of an apparent suicide. As a recurring theme in this month’s show, fans had been pretty vocal about their dislike for the band’s last album, in which they took a different artistic direction. While we are not asserting a direct connection between fan complaints and Bennington’s suicide, we agree that fans’ complaints didn’t likely make his life any easier, and we urge people in any fandom to remember that in this age of connectivity, it’s a safe bet that there is a human being with feelings reading whatever you say. Choose kindness.

James Cameron Mansplains Wonder Woman

Because he is an expert on such things, director James Cameron was kind enough to explain to us that Wonder Woman is undeserving of the praise she’s gotten this summer because she’s just another objectified woman. Janet and Shanna discuss some of the ways in which Cameron’s own work is problematic, including the sexualization of Terminator’s Sarah Connor and the white savior nature of Avatar.

The Joss Whedon Scandal

The fandoms surrounding Joss Whedon were rocked this week when Whedon’s ex-wife, Kai Cole, wrote a guest blog on The Wrap calling her former husband a hypocrite for preaching feminist values while engaging in decidedly unfeminist behavior, such as cheating on her during Buffy’s run. Over the years, Whedon’s feminism has been called into question both for what we see in his productions and in his public appearances. One of the most important things we want listeners to know is that you shouldn’t let this ruin your fandom experience, and that as fans, we should listen when women complain about being the victims of an abuse of power. We also noted that long-running fansite Whedonesque is shutting down not long after the publication of Cole’s essay.

Star Trek: Discovery

Sticking with the recurring theme of fannish outrage, we discuss the remarks actor Jason Isaacs recently made on the subject. Janet and Shanna also discussed the benefits of characters who are one of the “good guys” but are not intended to be liked by viewers.


Janet brought us up to speed on the Seuss v. ComicMix lawsuit and various developments that happened over the summer. As part of the discussion, Janet unpacked the details of the partial summary judgement in favor of the defense and explained what that really means.

Next, Janet and Shanna spent some time catching up on current events – some happy, and some not so much. We first want to give a shout out to friends and fans in Texas who are facing Hurricane Harvey. Stay safe!

After that, we talked about the recent total solar eclipse that was visible across the United States last week. Visit the link to see NASA’s photos and videos of this breathtaking event. Where were YOU when it happened?

Finally, we felt compelled to talk about the white supremacist rallies in Charlottesville and Boston, including what “free speech” does and does not mean. We discussed how these concepts relate to fandom and how they often play out in fannish discourse.

So how do you, as a fan, react to James Cameron’s remarks? Tell us in the comments, if you like. Or send us a note!

Thank you!

Thanks for listening! We’re so happy to be back! Our show would not be possible without the help, kindness, and generosity of some truly wonderful people. First of all, we would like to thank Busy Little Beaver Productions and more specifically the G & T Show for giving us this great opportunity. We would also like to thank our music providers, Cerys and Kailani of Invocation Array. Thank you, ladies!

So our biggest thanks go to sound engineer extraordinaire, Michael Medeiros, and his niece, Katie, our announcer girl. Yes, we have the only announcer who has to take a break and study fractions and the times tables.

Furthermore, we would also like to thank our families for instilling in us our curious and creative impulses, and for encouraging us in all we do.

Finally, thank you, our audience. Because you’re why we are here. We do this for you. Even if we sometimes forget all about September.

Our Next Show

Autumn is coming! The September air will be getting crisper and the leaves will begin turning color. What better time for us to talk about Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and each show’s special brand of feminism.

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Guess WHO – Jodie Whittaker

Linkin Park Frontman Chester Bennington Dead at 41

James Cameron Mansplains Wonder Woman

The Joss Whedon Scandal

Star Trek: Discovery


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  1. Jarrah from Women at Warp wrote a review of Horizon on Tumblr that was critical of Trip. It was tough for me to realize he wasn’t as wonderful as I thought and worse, I was interpreting the story through a sexist lens. As I gleaned forums and fanfic comments, I couldn’t find a single person condemning him. On one hand, I was relieved I wasn’t the only one who failed to notice. On the other, it was scary to find out just how huge of a problem unconscious sexism is. When T’Pol gets the brunt of criticism for problems in her relationship with Trip, I’m very surprised that the W@W episode about unlikable women didn’t start a war. So I want to say thank you for recommending Roxane Gay. Bad Feminist already had me feeling better at the intro. I hope you guys can get into internalized sexism among Trekkies whether it’s here or some other podcast.

    Besides Joss Whedon, I recently saw more women like Donna Karan being called fake feminists in the wake of Harvey Weinstein. Of course there are hypocrites but I don’t feel comfortable with that label. Most of us have a complex mix of feminist and sexist idea.s

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