Semantic Shenanigans Episode #4 – Bury Your Days

Semantic Shenanigans Episode 4 – Bury Your Days

Semantic Shenanigans Episode 4 – Bury Your Days

Semantic Shenanigans Episode 4 – Bury Your Days

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First of all, Shanna just wrapped fall semester at BGSU. Also, she’s getting over the plague (or maybe a really nasty cold). However, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story made her feel better for a while.


Furthermore, Janet won NaNoWriMo, and she continues to work on this year’s novel, a historical science fiction book called, The Real Hub of the Universe.

Fandom as Activism: The Fight Against Misogyny in the Days of Our Lives Fandom

First of all, this month, we’re honored to have writer and journalist Emmy Marshall as our guest! Emmy has been active in various fandoms for most of her life, and for this episode, she’s come to talk about push-back from fans against recent changes in the writing of Days of Our Lives that promote misogyny and homophobia. Emmy touches on many of the ways the long-running soap has departed from its formerly progressive writing about complex issues, which is illustrated by the brutal death of a fan favorite character, Will Horton. She also discusses the “bury your gays” trope, as well as others, such as slut shaming. For an overview of the history of Days of our Lives, click here. To learn about Will Horton, click here.

We discuss how such portrayals operate to normalize attitudes in our society. Even if you don’t watch the show, it’s important to be heard if you think this is wrong. Emmy also provided some information for those who might want to get involved and let NBC and the producers of Days know how you feel about misogyny and homophobia on the show. Much of the fan activism is happening on Twitter, so she urges you to tweet @NBC directly, as well as the show’s official Twitter page, @nbcdays. Emmy also suggests using the official NBC contact form to give them feedback. Another source of fan push-back comes from the @fakedaysspoilers Twitter account. Other sources of information Emmy told us about include the @PaulSonnyFans Twitter account and actor Guy Wilson’s fundraising page to fight AIDS.

Real-Person Shipping and Fanfic

History, Pros, and Cons of Real-Person Fanfic

Inspired by the recent release of Carrie Fisher’s The Princess Diarist and the accompanying announcement that she and Harrison Ford had an affair during the filming of Star Wars, we explore the ups and downs of real-people shipping and committing it to text in fanfic. We discuss the parasocial relationships we have with celebrities, some of the precursors to real person fanfic, as well as the particular  allure and traps that may exist for young people.

In addition, we spend time discussing the ethical slippery slope of real-person shipping and fanfic in terms of invasion of a celebrity’s privacy. And then Janet weighs in on the legal perils, such as libel and defamation of character suits.


As does not allow real-person fanfic because of the ethical slippery slope involved, many writers have migrated to An Archive of Our Own and Wattpad. However, Wattpad’s demographics tend toward female users in their teens and early 20s, and features much “bandfic,” stories about popular artists such as 1Direction. By way of example, Janet pointed out that there are 6.2k stories with the 1Direction tag alone, and 153k stories with the OneDirection tag. Hence compare this to a mere 1.4k stories tagged StarTrek and 26k stories tagged Star Wars. Listen to find out how other popular fandoms stack up to 1Direction on Wattpad.

Axanar; Oh, The Places You’ll Boldly Go!

Finally, all the great discussion we had didn’t leave us much time to discuss the legal cases we’ve been following. Stay tuned to our blog for the latest.

What do you, as a fan, think about real person fanfic? Tell us in the comments, if you like. Or send us a note!

Thank you!

Thanks for listening! Our show would not be possible without the help, kindness, and generosity of some truly wonderful people. First of all, we would like to thank Busy Little Beaver Productions and more specifically the G &T Show for giving us this great opportunity. We would also like to thank our music providers, Cerys and Kailani of Invocation Array. Thank you, ladies!

In addition, we want to extend a huge THANK-YOU to sound engineer and tech support extraordinaire, Michael Medeiros, and his niece, Katie, our announcer girl. Yes, we have the only announcer who has to take a break and study fractions and the times tables.

Furthermore, we would also like to thank our families for instilling in us our curious and creative impulses, and for encouraging us in all we do.
Finally, thank you, our audience. Because you’re why we are here. We do this for you. Until next time – Happy Holidays, whichever ones you celebrate, and remember: BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER.

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So please be sure to catch us next time when we talk about spoiler culture!

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Fandom as Activism: The Fight Against Misogyny in the Days of Our Lives Fandom

Real Person Fanfic and Shipping

Busy Little Beaver Productions and The G & T Show

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Invocation Array

Thank you SO much, Cerys and Kailani!

Mike & Announcer Girl Katie

And Mike is a published author, too! Please check out his work. It’s just wonderful.

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