Episode 3 – Alpha Nerds, Axanar Redaction Action, and the Seuss is Loose!

Semantic Shenanigans Episode 3 – Alpha Nerds, Axanar Redaction Action, and the Seuss is Loose

Semantic Shenanigans Episode 3 - Alpha Nerds

Semantic Shenanigans Episode 3 – Alpha Nerds

Alpha nerds hit the spotlight, along with the latest in the Axanar case and Dr. Seuss Enterprises vs. David Gerrold, et al.

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Shanna was at the National Communication Association annual conference in Philadelphia November 10-13. While there, she presented on post-9/11 spirituality in Star Trek, and the relationship between the death of Michigan’s film incentives and the Flint water crisis.


Janet’s doing NaNoWriMo! This year, Janet’s novel is called The Real Hub of the Universe, a tale of aliens set in the Victorian era.


A BIIIIG thank-you to Beth from Case Western University for being the first person to write in about our show! We love our listeners, and we’re glad to hear when what we’re doing resonates.

Alpha Nerds

Have you ever been told you’re only in your fandom because your boyfriend or spouse is? Maybe you’ve been subjected to a ridiculous test of trivia or had to enumerate the contents of your entire collection on the spot? Or maybe you’ve been told you’re not a “real” fan because you’ve failed to meet some criteria and no one sent you the memo? If you can say yes to any of these questions, you’ve been alpha nerded, my friend.

Legends in Their Own Minds

Many of us are familiar with the term Big Name Fan (BNF), but alpha nerding is something different. Shanna explains how alpha nerds are the self-appointed gatekeepers of the fandom, policing the boundaries of behavior and taste within the fandom and dictating who a “real” fan is in the name of fandom purity.

The P-Word

Shanna draws current scholarship is looking at the relationship between privelege and fractured fandom. In order to explain this, Shanna takes on the difficult task of unpacking the concept of privilege. She emphasizes that privilege is an analytical tool and not a label, that it’s a very nuanced concept that can’t be adequately explained in a few lines of Facebook meme, and that it’s contextual. Shanna explains what privilege actually means in academic circles and how it relates to toxic fandom and alpha nerding.

Axanar Lawsuit

There’s lots to unpack here, so you’re better off just listening to the show! Over a thousand pages of court documents were released over the last couple of weeks as the last date for motion practice was recent, and both sides have moved for summary judgment. Janet explains the motion to compel discovery ruling, CBS/Paramount’s application for an order, and the David Grossman declaration and exhibits. We also talk about the defense response to plaintiffs’ request for ex parte relief, the summary judgment motions from both sides, and the hearing on summary judgment motions scheduled for December 19, 2016. Lots of these documents were redacted but there was an easy workaround for taking a peek underneath the black bars (plus the defense did not redact their motion exhibits and documents at all). Janet and Shanna discuss why that’s significant and the possible consequences it could have on the case.

Oh, The Places You’ll Boldly Go!

As we’ve previously discussed on the show, Dr. Seuss Enterprises is suing Comic Mix LLC et. al. over a book written by David Gerrold that parodies Star Trek in the style of Dr. Seuss. Read Janet’s blog post about the complaint here. In this month’s episode, Janet unpacks the copyright infringement cause of action, trademark infringement, and unfair trade practices cause of action related to this case. We also talk about willful infringement penalties and treble damages under California law.

How do you, as a fan, react to Alpha Nerding or any of the topics we talked about? Tell us in the comments, if you like. Or send us a note!

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Our Next Show

Tune in again in December when we’ll be talking about real-life shipping and fan activism in the Days of our Lives fandom!

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Finally, please check out these links for more information on our topics this month.

Intro/Social Links

Everything keeping Janet and Shanna out of trouble in November, more or less.

Alpha Nerding

Check these out to learn more about alpha nerding and toxic fandom.

Axanar Lawsuit

For more information about CBS/Paramount v. Star Trek: Axanar, take a look at Janet’s individual blog posts on each of the following subjects:

Oh, The Places You’ll Boldly Go!

For background on the lawsuit against David Gerrold’s parody of Star Trek, read here:

Busy Little Beaver Productions and The G & T Show

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Invocation Array

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Mike & Announcer Girl Katie

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