Semantic Shenanigans Episode 16 – Wakanda Driving Privileges

Semantic Shenanigans Episode 16 – Wakanda Driving Privileges

Wakanda driving privileges – what?

Semantic Shenanigans Episode 16 – Wakanda Driving Privileges

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Social Stuff


When it rains it pours! New fish after Fishpocalypse, but now cat drama.

Also, she WINS at detective!


Is still creating short stories and working with beta readers. She could really use a vacation.

Black Panther

First of all, PhD candidate Gabriel Cruz joined us again. This was to talk about Black Panther and representation of race and gender in film. Black Panther hit $500 million at the box office. We also looked at the revolutionary power of Black Panther. We checked out Black Panther: How T’Challa Avoids Toxic Masculinity.

Plus we saw yet another reason why Shuri from Black Panther is the best Disney princess ever. This gave us a segue into the feminism of Black Panther vs. Wonder Woman. Also, we investigated how Black Panther creates a model for good allyship. However, we could not forget about colonialism and imperialism. We were fascinated by how Black Panther changes the game.

There was also a Stewart Huff comedy about scientists. And finally, for language buffs, Marvel’s Black Panther will speak this real African language.

Wakanda driving privileges indeed!

Legal Stuff

Furthermore, we kept looking at sexual harassment. Because it NEVER ends! However, this month gave us some cause for home. David Schwimmer produced a number of short films and PSAs. This is for cabs, for people to understand what harassment is. Hashtag #ThatsHarassment. Plus Schwimmer is also working with David Arquette on #AskMoreOfHim. Right now, it’s just an open letter to support survivors of harassment. Yes, he’s the guy from Friends. We were so happy he’s using his celebrity for good.

In addition, engineers in Germany and Switzerland created a chat bot which asks harassment victims standard questions via what’s called the cognitive interview technique. The cognitive interview technique is a type of questioning used in crime investigations to help witnesses with recall.

And in other, not so nice news … two Colorado lawmakers said they are wearing bulletproof vests as they fear retaliation for supporting sexual harassment accusers against Representative Steve Lebsock (Democrat, Thornton).

A recent lawsuit by developer Loretta Lee says Google failed to stop sexual harassment in their offices.  Lee’s allegations include unwanted touching and a colleague who said he wanted to give her a “horizontal hug”.

Plus there’s sexual harassment in the Native American lit community.

And if you thought your divorce was bad, get a load of this one. A Texas State Senator had a sexual relationship with his legal client. And he also defrauded her, because he’s just such a swell guy. His wife then filed for divorce the day after his conviction.

In addition, InfoWars’ Alex Jones had accusations of sexual harassment, antisemitism, and racism against him.

Copyright Infringement

Also, we’re always looking at copyright infringement matters. A New York Federal Court judge said that deep linking (embedded tweets) violates copyright. However the truth is, we don’t see it. We suspect this get an overturn on appeal.

Reggie Watts Cat Custody Battle

And in the land of weird, we reported there’s a cat custody battle going on. Check it out on Facebook as well.

February Fandom Roundup

In addition, we looked at the Whovian feminism moment. The Dr. Who fandom raised thousands to combat gun violence.

Fan fiction, continues to be a topic of interest. Per the Mary Sue, when men write fanfiction, it’s academic. But women? Eh, not so much.

Mister Rogers

We announced a new PBS retrospective special “It’s You I Like” (check stations for listings). Plus there’s going to be a new biopic starring Tom Hanks “You Are My Friend” to be released (no date yet). In addition, the Fred Rogers forever postage stamp dropped March 23.

More Fandoms

Speaking of stamps, the Sally Ride stamp was released on April 6.

Also, we were saddened to hear of David Ogden Stiers dead at 75. There was a lovely MAS*H retrospective piece that came out a few days before.

In addition, The Handmaid’s Tale returned to Hulu with a double bill premier on April 25. It promised to be even darker, and it did not  disappoint.

Finally, two members of Russian punk band Pussy Riot disappeared. However, they then reemerged after being detained by Crimean police.

#NeverAgain Movement/Parkland

Also, survivors of the shooting at Marjory Stoneham Douglas High School started a gun control movement. CNN had some memorable quotes from the Parkland rallies. In addition, a number of colleges are okay with high schoolers being suspended for #NeverAgain protests.


We looked at calling out privilege on Facebook.

And finally, as if there was ever any doubt, Tardigrades rock!

How do you, as a fan, react to Wakanda driving privileges and everything else we talked about? Tell us in the comments, if you like. Or send us a note!

Thank you!

Thanks for listening! Our show would not be possible without the help, kindness, and generosity of some truly wonderful people. First of all, we would like to thank Busy Little Beaver Productions and more specifically the G & T Show for giving us this great opportunity. We would also like to thank our music providers, Cerys and Kailani of Invocation Array. Thank you, ladies!

So our biggest thanks go to sound engineer extraordinaire, Michael Medeiros, and his niece, Katie, our announcer girl. Yes, we have the only announcer who has to take a break and study fractions and the times tables.

Furthermore, we would also like to thank our families. They instilled in us our curious and creative impulses. And they encourage us in all we do.
Finally, thank you, our audience. Because you’re why we are here. We do this for you.

Our Next Show

Probably not for a while, so sit tight with Wakanda Driving Privileges for now, please. This is because Janet is swamped and Shanna has a summer job that is keeping her on her toes. However, as always, send us a note if you like! At:

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